8/12 Roof Pitch

A roof that rises by 8” within a 12” length has an 8/12 pitch.

What is an 8/12 Roof Pitch?

The angle at which a roof with an 8/12 pitch will rise by 33.69 degrees, so it will be fairly steep once it has been built. A steeper angle is ideal for areas where a lot of snow is experienced, as it will enable it to slide off the roof more easily than from a surface that is flatter or that has less of a pitch.

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Keep Your Home Cooler

The higher a roof’s pitch is, the cooler it will help keep your home indoors – which will also result in lower energy bills during those hot summer months. Space in roofing with a higher pitch can also be converted to a living area or be used as additional storage space if the inside of your home is overflowing with items.

If you need roofing repairs or a completely new installation, it’s essential to use the services of a reputable company. This will ensure that you’re provided with the appropriate warranty and that the work has been completed by experienced professionals. It’s also recommended that you have your home’s roof inspected once a year at a minimum – or immediately after any severe weather has been experienced.