5/12 Roof Pitch

Roofing that rises 5” within a length of 12” has a 5/12 pitch.

What is a 5/12 Roof Pitch?

Roofing that has a 5/12 pitch angle rises by 22.62 degrees and can appear fairly flat compared to roofing with a steeper pitch. Roofing with this pitch may make a property warmer inside because there is not as much space for heat to escape, as there would be if the roofing were steeper.

Choose your Pitch Carefully

When having a roof designed, it’s essential to consider the climate of the area that the building is being erected in. If it’s hotter than average, you’ll want a steeper pitch instead of a flatter pitch, as this will help keep occupants cooler while they’re indoors.

Another aspect to consider is roofing material. A roof made from metal sheeting may be cheaper to erect, and in some cases, it can help reflect a lot of heat away from a building. Unpainted clay tiles on the other hand, can hold the heat for several hours, making a property a lot warmer inside.

When searching for a roofing contractor, it’s crucial to check that they’re licensed, insured and have a good amount of experience. This will ensure that a high quality roof installation is done and that a warranty will be provided as well.