4/12 Roof Pitch

Roofing that rises 4” over a length of 12” has a 4/12 pitch.

What is a 4/12 Roof Pitch?

A roof with an 8/12 pitch angle will rise by 33.69 degrees as it is being built. For example, this particular pitch is not as steep as that found on a roof with a pitch level of 6/12. As such, it may not always be able to shrug off excess water and snow as effectively as a roof with more of a pitch.
Professional Installation is Essential

After having a property designed, it’s crucial to hire professional roofers who have extensive experience and can provide proof of being licensed and insured. This will ensure that the roof is correctly installed and that good quality material is used; your roof will last longer and not require additional maintenance because of poor workmanship.

If you want roofing installed, it’s best to ask individuals you know for referrals or to search online for companies with above-average reputations. Before agreeing to have any roofing work done, obtaining a minimum of three physical estimates is essential. This will prevent you from paying for additional items not initially included in the price.