Top 3 Best Roof Types to Withstand Hurricane Season

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It is said that when winds from a hurricane increase, the damage they do to structures increases exponentially. That’s a scary fact for homeowners living in and around hurricane season. And even though hurricane winds tend to die off 12 hours after landfall, it’s not always the case. Take hurricane Hugo (1989) for example. It went … Read more

Top 3 Best Roof Types for Heavy Snow

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Most homes built in regions that experience heavy snowfall have roof types that can handle loads of snow from 15 to 30 pounds per square foot. According to FEMA, one pound of fresh snow can weigh anywhere from 3psf for light snow and 21psf for heavy wet snow. Snow can build up fast in roof valleys … Read more

How are Green Roofs Made?

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Green roofs are not a choice of color but a choice of lifestyle!  Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular, especially with people who love nature and businesses paying more and more attention to the ecological system of our world. They provide many benefits, such as improving air quality, encouraging wildlife settlement, slowing water runoff, and … Read more

Can I Have a Green Rooftop on My House?

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There are more than 1 million square feet of green roofs in Washing D.C. alone, according to a study by the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities association. What was started in Europe has spread across the world, a fight for a healthier climate, starting with our homes and businesses. Green roofs come with a multitude … Read more

Do I Need a Clean Roof? 4 Tips to Take Care of Your Roof

When it rains, we never look up, wondering if our roof will do its job. Of course, part of the reason we don’t do that is that we trust our roof to do its job, but what happens when you don’t take care of your roof? There’s no reason to think about this question because … Read more

How Often Should Your New Roof Have Maintenance

Most of us take for granted that our roofs will last for years and years, but the truth is that most roofs need some level of maintenance to stay in good condition. Roof maintenance is important because it prevents small problems from turning into big ones. For example, if you have a leaky roof, you’re … Read more

What’s Inspected During a Storm Damage Roof Inspection

A storm-damaged roof inspection is the first step to making sure your roof is in good shape after a storm. It doesn’t matter if the storm was from Mother Nature or the good old boys at the end of the street. The first thing you want to do is call a roofing company and get … Read more

Common Roofing Problems in Cincinnati and How to Avoid Them

Roofing is a complicated and expensive process that requires a lot of knowledge and skill. This is why homeowners and businesses alike should always seek out qualified roofing contractors to handle their projects. However, many people are under the impression that roofing problems can only come about when the roof is newly installed. This is … Read more

Should You Call a Roofer or Insurance Company First for Roof Damage

When your roof gets damaged, should you contact a roofer first or your insurance company? If you’re lucky, you won’t have to ask yourself this question. But if you need a new roof after a hailstorm, near-miss lightning strike, or another kind of weather damage, you don’t want to be left wondering who to call. … Read more

Why is Roof Maintenance Important

Roof maintenance is important for many reasons. But the main reason is that you want to avoid roofing repair. It’s far less expensive to do preventative maintenance than it is to repair a roof. The biggest problem is that most people ignore roof issues until something goes wrong. Here are the top five reasons why … Read more